Smart Sensei-ware for your
teaching business

Innovative education technology platform with next-generation tools

How does it work?

We help teaching businesses grow and scale, by giving them the tools they need to win.

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Teaching Tools

Next-generation teaching tools help students learn in a fun way. They stay motivated longer to sharpen their skills over time. Guided practice sessions with real-time feedback and data-driven progress tracking makes learning immersive and elevates student engagement, reducing student churn and drop-offs.

Live virtual classes
Create and manage on demand learning content
Guided practice toolsAI/ML
Progress tracking and feedback
Certification and badges
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Business Tools

Run your business like a pro without burning the midnight oil! Go beyond basic reporting to get insights and guidance for timely actions. Automating recurring tasks not only saves time but opens possibilities to get more done for real business impact.

Dashboards and Reports Predictive Analytics
Secured bank deposits
Merchandizing and Online store
Invoicing and payments
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Experience Tools

Experience is everything! Every Sensei and their Protégés are on a journey together. Every touchpoint of this journey can be thoughtfully crafted and made enjoyable, utilizing their time more effectively on things that matter the most - teaching and learning.

Mobile app
Shared calendar
Online booking and membership management
Flexible payment options
In app and SMS notifications
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Marketing Tools

Showcase your passion for teaching with a compelling online presence, that is easy to create and even easier to maintain. Attract new protégés through credible ratings and reviews. Make it easy to try a session before committing to regular classes. Use referrals programs to spread the word.

Marketplace profile page
Up-to-date class offerings
Discounts and offers
Reviews and ratings
Referral programs

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